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What We Offer

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Congratulations if you've gotten this far!  A wedding film is the greatest way to preserve the details, sights, sounds & energy of your day.  You will relive the best parts of your wedding, as well as seeing your guests & love ones enjoying the fruits of the epic party your worked so hard to create.  It takes months of planning, & its over in a flash.  You deserve to have it captured completely!

What You 

All Day Coverage

This is our biggest claim to fame.  When we shoot a wedding, we arrive before you do, throwing our drone in the air to get beautiful shots of your venue.  An early start also allows us to speak to your planner to double check the schedule, catch the DJ to see what our audio options are & setup lighting in the reception area so we nail those first dances & toasts. Most importantly, we are able to capture pre-wedding moments when you are preparing for the biggest day of your life/

Pro Audio

We bring six different audio capture devices to each wedding to ensure we get crisp audio though out the day.  This means we are capturing audio through the venues sound system when possible, as well as through our own microphones we place on the groom, officiant & occasionally the bride.  This gives us multiple sources of audio to use when we edit your video.  We also pull audio from your DJ, with similar back-ups in place for the toasts & speeches at your reception. 

Chill Camera Guys

A wedding day is stressful enough without having to worry about bossy directors.  We are super easy going & try hard to film as discreetly as possible.  There may be times when we need to do a bit of posing here & there to really nail some shots, but for the most part, you just live the day while we work in the background.  That being said, if you want to try some cool or crazy stuff, we are totally down!


We strive to get every couple their wedding films as quickly as possible.  Our average time to complete a film is 8 weeks, although this can vary depending on our workload.  Peak season edits may take up to 12 weeks, while off season edits may be delivered in as little as 6.  Each film is delivered digitally via a private page on our website.  5-9 minute weddings films include a copy of the film delivered by mail on a custom made USB stick with a personal message from the creative lead assigned to your wedding. 

Ceremony & Speeches Footage

Along with your film, you also receive the raw footage from your ceremony & speeches.  This allows you to relive these precious moments, uncut, in their entirety in high definition with professional audio mixing.  Ceremonies are recorded from 3 angles, speeches & toasts from 2 angles

Pro Video

Our arsenal of video equipment has been growing since we began & we are proud to shoot on Sony Cinema Cameras, DJI Drones & Zhiyun gimbals.  Each wedding is shot on 3 cameras to capture multiple angles, ensuring a dynamic & engaging edit.  

Our Editing Process

We take pride in handcrafting each film in our post production process.  All of our films are shot in 4k to ensure the highest quality image.  We take the time to ensure that our shots capture the mood, colors & emotion of your wedding.  The result is the vividly detailed, cinematic look that all our couples crave.  We then stitch those images together with licensed music, audio from your ceremony, reception & prep.  We pull all this together to create a story about your day that captures the essence of your wedding.  



1 shooter/3 cameras

full day coverage 

raw ceremony/speeches footage

filmed in 4k

pro grade audio

aerial drone footage*

digital delivery

In our 2-4 minute highlight, we take take the best moments of your wedding & condense them into a cinematic journey from prep, to reception & perhaps a bit beyond, if say, a car-dragged can sparks a brush fire. You can expect to see all the important moments such as the first look, first dance, the kiss, the dress, shoes, rings- a bit of groom, a bit of wedding party, some dancing, ceremony highlights & the most tear jerking or knee slapping bits of audio from the vows & speeches.  


1 shooter/3 cameras

full day coverage 

1 minute teaser

raw ceremony/speeches footage

Pro grade audio

filmed in 4k

aerial drone footage*

digital delivery

glass jar keepsake

This is the one that gets the tears going.  We start with more from prep,  things like gift giving, special moments with mom, dad & the bridal party. We also include more details, including peaks at the reception area & venue.  Expanded ceremony coverage with full audio of your vows & expanded audio from the speeches & toasts.  Then, its party time-  Our favorite time!  You'll get the dancing, the eating & even the elusive cake smash (don't be afraid to smash!)

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