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It all began at a newly opened Mexican restaurant in Manassas, Virginia.  As the new kids on the block,  managers Justin McMillan & Luke Tamer devised a plan to put the business on the map.  Through a series of ever more ambitious festivals & street parties,  Mariachis Tequileria quickly became one of Prince William Counties most popular destinations.  This all culminated with being honored with Prince William Counties award for Tourism & Hospitality.

Why does this matter? Well, those festivals were hard work.  Each one took months of planning.  We did all our marketing, design, vendor acquisition & more, in house- it was kind of like, well, planning a wedding.  And the pay off was watching everyone enjoy the festival we worked so hard to create. 

Then, well we all know what happened to festivals.




Before each festival, we would come up with little ads to drum up interest & give people a laugh.  It was our favorite part of the planning process, a chance to really get creative & hook our audience (and sell tickets).  Then, during the festivals, we would shoot video to post on social media, so everyone could see how cool we were.  It was this that started our love affair with filmmaking.  Each festival ad got progressively more intricate, with each one being shot & edited the same day. 


After the pandemic struck,  the festivals came to an end.  Shortly after, Justin was asked to film a wedding as a favor, & the thrill of filmmaking came rushing back.  It was like shooting the ad & the festival as one.  One, tidy little package, that would bring joy to the recipient, time & time again.  After this revelation, Justin told Luke about his fantastic discovery, & the duo, previously known as the Gringos Behind the Curtain, became Glass Jar Films.



Hey!  I'm Justin, your friendly neighborhood filmmaker.  My passion for visual storytelling led me to weddings & I have never looked back!  I look forward to helping you capture an incredible film that you can cherish for many years to come!

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